Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The most AMAZING thing happened to me Friday night. Bjarke and Solvej announced we had a VERY important family dinner.. and it was so important that I wear nice clothes. Our family dinner, Bjarke explained, was at a friend's house.. because our friends are our family. We arrived at some house.. and Bjarke and Solvej anxiously pushed me through some door and I opened it... and ...... SURPRISE!!!!!!! My WHOLE class was there and they put together a surprise party for me!! IT was amazing!! I've never had one before.. and the best part is I had NO IDEA they were planning it! They gave me a t-shirt that said "I heart 2. a" (my class) and lots of little gifts.. and it was SUCH a great party! I love my class! Thank you guys so much...... I am going to miss them so much... and honestly I've kept so busy lately that I haven't realized HOW much I will miss them. They promised to buy me a graduate hat if I come back next year to graduate with them. Which is a BIG DEAL! My mom and I talked and I AM COMING BACK next June to graduate with my super wonderful class!! can I get any luckier?

Saturday Evelyn, Vero and I went with Bjarke and Solvej to this big Plant and Animal store in Odense to buy some flower pots and dirt for Solvej's orchids. And we made Chilean food for dinner! It took us 2 hours but DAMN was it good! My little Chiliean friend Vero taught us how to make it! Vero... I swear I will make it hundreds of times when I get home.. it was SO GOOD! Vero and Evelyn slept over and we watched movies until really late.. hehe..

Sunday we woke up.. had my favorite super duper Solvej & Bjarke breakfast with funky tea and everything! And then we met up with 7 other of our exchangie pals for a wonderful grill picnic on the beach in Faaborg! We grilled hot dogs and it was so yummy! I love when we're all together... we always have fun! rain or sun..

I'm doing ok about going home. Not great.. definitely not great. But I've been feeling pretty good lately being with all my pals.. not being alone. It's when I'm alone that I start realizing I have 11 days before I go to Copenhagen. That's just unbelievable. I remember when I had BEEN HERE 11 days. Time flies faster than the speed of sound.. I swear. And on one hand I'm excited to see my mom and dad again.. and my friends! God I miss my friends. But on the other hand I will miss my family.. my wonderfully amazing friends here.. the life I've made for myself here. And sure I will come back to Denmark. No doubt about it. But I can't ever have THIS life again.. and that is scary.
keeping positive though! happy thoughts happy thoughts!
keep reading, love francine


Camille said...

That's so awesome! I love surprise parties when you honestly had no idea people were planning it.
I had one for my birthday, a week after my whole family-change-drama happened. awesoooooooooome)

but what else can I say.. I feel pretty much the exact same way about yeah coming baack, but I won't have the "everyday life" I have now.
And yet, family and friends and such are definitely things im getting a little bit excited about seeing.
Lets call it the exchange student syndrome.

I love reading your blog! - another sad part about this year being over d:

Anonymous said...

oh geesh they are very very lucky you were not in your sniper mode or they wouldve been in BIG trouble! or that you took off your black belt. if you lose your black belt does that mean you still are a black belt? can you still do all the neat karata chops and roundhouse kicks or if you lose your belt at your aunt sallys house does that mean you lose your power? does the belt have all the power? and why is it black? because when i think of a really intense color that i saw i would be like wow that color is going to pound me it wouldnt be black. black is kinda wimpy i would think of like neon green because its just like KAPOW in yo face! and black is like ohh im a neutral color